1. Pastor: One of your best sermons ever. You are the greatest!
    With love, member of the goose bump club!

  2. Thank you pastor I caught the last 30min oftohear ,I got off work late and wanted to let you know that it was exactly what I needed to hear and it brought tears to my eyes…..thank you Jesus for blessing us with a wonderful pastor that You have blessed us with and Lord we ask You too continue to bless our pastors at VBF and watch over them and keep them healthy, brave, & courageous they are a wonderful gift that You sent us in Your mighty name we say……AMEN

  3. i am so very grateful for the online services since our family moved to MINNESOTA 2 months ago! it’s not anything like actually being there and experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Bakersfield campus. God bless all of Valley Bible; pastors, ushers, volunteers, anyone and everyone who works to hold that place together and strong with the help of God! He has done amazing things through this church and will continue to get bigger and bigger. i love and miss all my church family, but this is where God wants us to be at this time. God is good all the time!!!!

  4. I love the online service available to all of us who have to work late..I love you God and love you Pastor Ron

  5. I just watched Pastor Hector on demand. The sermon was “God’s final answer.” It was very informative. I would like to see Pastor Hector have more opportunities to preach or share. God has given him a lot of wisdom and he is funny. Many people associated Valley Bible with him and say he is a kind and caring person. Also, he is hispanic and makes him relatable to many. Thank you.

  6. Margaret S LyBurtus

    A very good message Pastor Jim. We are living in a selfish world and many people needed to hear this.

  7. Thank you for the beautiful prayer for PVT Brady Gonzalez, it means the world to us that others are praying for him as much as we are in Alabama. God bless you all
    Sending hugs from the Goodman/Gonzalez family!!!

  8. Another amazing service!! Congratulations Pastor Ron and VBF!! I’m so happy to be a part of a great family and honored to be a VBF’er!!!

  9. Thank you so much Pastor Ron
    I don’t attend Vbf but listen to you on wendesday
    I just finished crying in prayer to the Lord .. I asked the Lord to please let me know he heard my cry
    It was 7:40 when I wathed online as soon as I heard you
    I knew God was specking through you and I know he heard me
    Thank you so much for your amazing service .. You are truly a Messanger that the Lord uses to give hope and encourage
    Praise God

  10. Pastor Ron, just got done watching the service online. You are so awesome and always have a way of telling it like it is! We are truly blessed and thankful that Valley Bible came in to our lives. We were prayed over by your staff at the fairgrounds last September looking for a church to call home. We have been attending ever since that day, and are very great full and thankful for you and your staff! Valley Bible has made us get as close to God than we have ever been! Such an awesome feeling!!! God Bless you all!!

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