nCourage Help

nCourage Help

 nCourage Help one relationship at a time
by igniting hope and empowering others to
overcome their circumstances
through the love of Jesus Christ

Many people in our city are struggling. They face challenges without enough options or resources to overcome their circumstances and they often face their struggles alone. nCourage Help is reaching out to those in need to offer a hand and to offer hope. We come alongside others to encourage, satisfy needs, discover options, and show the love of Jesus to people in our community.
Change Our City is made up of two teams, an Ally Team and an Inventory Team. The Ally team is forming relationships across the city by reaching out to those who are struggling. They may be family or friends or just people they have heard about. The Ally Team offers encouragement and support. They may help by gifting food, clothing, furniture or other needs to make life easier. More importantly, they are helping find solutions that will help people fight their struggle and help people help themselves. The Ally Team is equipped with resources and referrals to other ministries in the church and in our community that can make a difference in people’s lives. Allies are resourceful, caring and are changing our city one relationship at a time through the love of Jesus.
The Inventory Team manages the incoming and outgoing inventory that VBF is collecting. VBF has partnered with CityServe who equips and serves churches in the community. CityServe has formed relationships with large retailers who are donating their resources to help churches like VBF to restore broken lives. The Inventory Team counts, sorts, logs, organizes, stores, packages, re-packages and keeps everything organized and ready to go for the Allies.

 nCourage Help Referral
Do you know someone who is struggling? nCourage Help is ready to help.  



 nCourage Help City Volunteer
Volunteers are always needed! Come be a part of the Ally Team and/or the Inventory Team. It starts with an orientation session where you can get a broader perspective of what we are doing and how you can get involved. We will have periodic meetings to keep informed, learn about resources and share how best to help those in our community who need our help.

And if you give yourself to the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted,
then your light will rise in darkness.
Isaiah 58:10